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Google local searchStop loosing local customers to your competitors!

Local customers are searching right now for your business, products and services. You need to be on the first page. Are you on the first page right now? CALL US and you will be there.

We have helped local companies to get #1 on Google in local search results. Everything without paying to Google for promotions. Means, when you get to first page - you are going to stay there and generate flow of local customers to your business. And customers means money. Our services are cheaper than Google AdWords and totally affordable. Call now and we will generate free SEO report for your website.

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Only three thing to get rank in Google:

One: Know what people are looking for:

Our competitive research will discover the most popular search terms, which can lead to greater number of clients. Don't just describe your services. Choose the right words and it will put you in front of competition. Using Google provided data, we can assemble list of search results, best describing your business and we will write all descriptions ourselves.

Two: There are three most important ways to show up on Google:

  1. Free Search Results (aka: non-sponsored, organic search results) Probably the most hardest to achieve way for first page ranking. Google insights show 85% of all website traffic is through the non-sponsored search results (organic search results). To get to the first page in organic search, your website needs to be properly optimized AND greatly complimented with inbound links from other websites. The more quality inbound links you get, the quicker the results will be and the better your chances are of ranking top of the major search engines.
  2. Local Map Listings (aka: Google Places) Google is now combining these "local" listings and showing them within organic search results. We'll help you get your business to Google Places and optimize the listing itself. And if you are already listed, we'll provide efforts to improve your rankings, choose better keywords, write better description of services.
  3. Sponsored Listings (aka: Google AdWords, pay-per-click) This service offers instant results and can put your business on the first page of Google within a matter of days or even faster. We assist you in setting up a new account for Google AdWords or improving the one you already have. We will provide localized geographic targeting reports, optimize your ads and setting a monthly budget that you can adjust at any time. We even give you $100 coupon to spend on advertising with Google AdWords.

Three: CALL US and Get started.

More-of, besides our affordable SEO services, we also provide wide range of other internet marketing related services such as; website design / website redesigns, website management social media marketing, general webmaster services and more.

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SEO Plans and Procedures

Our SEO process can be suited for any business. We have 3 different SEO plans to choose from. Below is the checklist of the most advanced plan.

Read more: SEO Plans and Procedures

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